Family Tax Credits Increasing

December 23, 2021
Legislation has been passed and Family Tax credits are increasing from 1 April 2022.   Over 300,000 New Zealand Families will receive extra government assistance via the Family Tax Credit, Best Start Tax Credit and the Minimum Family Tax Credit. Clic...
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A New Way to Pay Tax

October 3, 2017
New Provisional Tax Method - Accounting Income Method (AIM) From April 2018, there is a new provisional tax calculation method called the Accounting Income Method(AIM). AIM allows for businesses with sales of less than $5m to meet their provisional tax obligat...
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Non-Taxable Allowances

September 5, 2017
An employer may pay a non-taxable allowance (NTA) to an employee to reimburse them for expenses such as the costs of tools (when required as part of their employment agreement) or protective clothing and equipment (for example, steel cap boots, a uniform, or wet-weather gear...
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The difference between cash and profit… an example.Just because business profits are reinvested back into the business, does not change that it has been earned in the first place.For example, a business buys stock to sell to its customers for $300. It sells that stock...
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