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We Make Things Easy With
Fixed Monthly Accounting Plans


If you’re just looking to lift a handful of financial tasks off your shoulders, things like End of Year accounts, IRD management and GST, then this might be the option for you.

From $125 per month.

Agri Basics

The perfect entry plan for those who just want to get things done on the farm and not worry about tax things. Includes End of Year accounts, IRD management, annual KPI report and more.

From $250 per month.


Got grand plans for your business, or just looking to work smarter? This package covers everything that’s in Basic, plus invaluable features like monthly reports and semi-regular meetings.

From $275 per month.

Agri Growth

Incorporating all the benefits of Basics with additional helpful features like a ½ day farm visit, software support and training, and two-monthly GST returns and management reports, Growth gives you the chance to solidify your farm’s financial future and look towards your next steps.

From $450 per month.


For those who are set on taking their business to the next level, Accelerate could be perfect. Encompassing everything that’s in our Growth plan while adding regular management reporting against budget and KPIs, growth and strategic business sessions, budget and cashflow, and much more.

From $475 per month.

Agri Accelerate

When you want to get the most out of your farm, there’s no better option than Accelerate. Aside from everything that Growth offers, Agri Accelerate also includes farm visits, an annual interest rate strategy meeting with your banker, Dairybase benchmark reporting, Company and Trust administration and a whole lot more.

From $700 per month.