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Accounting, Businesses Advisory & Tax Solutions for New Zealand Businesses

The team at Evans Doyle really care about our people and their financial journeys, and are committed to walking alongside them as they grow.

At Evans Doyle, we're here to take the stress out of your finances. From handling tax and keeping your books in good order, right through to offering expert advice and coaching to set your business on the right path, our experienced team has you covered.

Grow Your Business With Evans Doyle Accounting

Here's a taste of what we do


We offer a full suite of chartered accountancy services, so we’re fully equipped to help you take ‘dealing with tax’ off your plate.

Business Facilitation & Advisory

A bit of careful planning now saves a lot of fixing later. We offer expert advice, coaching and mentoring to set your business on a solid foundation for future success.

Bookkeeping and Administration Support

From bill payments and bank reconciliations all the way through to following up debtors, we can sort out those less-than-pleasant administrative tasks, leaving you to do what you do best.

About Our Team

While we love doing the numbers our biggest thrill comes from creating enduring relationships – inside and outside our business

Our Mission is to help and support our team mates and clients to make high quality decisions to achieve their goals.

Our Values that drive and inspire us are:

  • Integrity: being trustworthy, respectful and reliable
  • Passion: going all in
  • Growth: challenging ourselves to be better
  • Teamwork: working together in harmony
  • Fun: enjoying the journey.

More then just accountants - We're here to help businesses grow!

Read through our resources and learn everything you need to know about the business environment in NZ and worldwide

Company Wind-up Process

Once a business sells (or stops trading) or a company sells its property (real estate), we recommend winding up the company. This is important because, otherwise, IRD will continue to expect a taxRead more

Personal Services Attribution Rules

Specific income attribution rules apply when an individual provides personal services through an associated entity (such as a company, trust, or partnership). The purpose of these rules (taxRead more

Summary of Trusts

A trust can be an efficient vehicle that can provide asset protection, allow for succession planning, and may provide incidental tax savings. Profits are taxed at 33% compared to the top marginal taxRead more

Accounting Principles

Understanding accounting is crucial. It is one of the most important skills for business owners, investors, and creating wealth. High net worth families and our most profitable clients understandRead more

Company Office Annual Returns

Every company in New Zealand is maintained in a company register called the New Zealand Companies Office. This register has a list of every single company in NZ (both private and public), andRead more

Signed tax returns

We are still waiting on a number of signed tax returns to be returned to us. We cannot file your tax return with IRD until we receive the signed copy back from you. Please urgently return these to usRead more

Preparing for Interest Rate Rises

Interest rates have increased from 2% last year to floating rates of 4.79% as of today. If your current mortgage is coming off a fixed term portion, you could be in for a surprise. No one has a crysRead more

Omicron and your business

The Omicron virus is here, check out the latest government information on what you need to do and ensure you have a plan for your business and your family. Read more

Superannuation Eligibility is changing

There is a new law coming for those turning 65 years old on or after 1 July 2024.  Whether you were born in New Zealand or overseas, it will require people to have been in New Zealand for a minimumRead more

Family Tax Credits Increasing

Legislation has been passed and Family Tax credits are increasing from 1 April 2022.    Over 300,000 New Zealand Families will receive extra government assistance via the Family Tax Credit, BestRead more

COVID 19 - December update

We are still dealing with the ever-changing environment of what Covid 19 is doing to you, your business and life.  2019 seems like a long time ago when everything appeared to be simpler.  TheRead more

GST Due Dates for 2021/2022

We have listed all GST return and payment dates below. We will be providing regular updates throughout the year, however you may wish to set calendar reminders to ensure these important dates are notRead more

Why Choose Evans Doyle Accounting?


Increasing business cashflow is one of the things we do best.
You need to know with full confidence whether you can pay those bills, acquire that asset, take that holiday. We’re here to empower you with excellent cashflow strategies, and the knowledge you need to make the very best financial decisions.


No one knows your business better than you - so why waste your time on minutiae?
Leave behind the stress of compliance, payroll, GST, reconciliations… you’ve got better things to do. Enjoy the freedom of focusing on the things that you really care about. Give yourself the space to prioritise growing your business: it just makes sense.


Relax in the confidence that your business finances are in expert hands.
We know what we’re doing, but more than that, we’re passionate about working closely with clients to find the exact solutions that best suit their particular needs. We also want to keep our people in the loop, and offer up-to-date real time data so you can monitor the health of your business 24/7. Now that’s true peace of mind.

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