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P & K Kleven Ltd

"Two/three years ago we diversified our company. The time was right to do it and, thanks to Jane's business advice and thoroughness, we were able to make good decisions on the future of the business." Pete and Kim Kleven, P & K Kleven Ltd.

P & K Kleven Ltd started out as a commercial growing enterprise in 1990. Owners of the business Pete and Kim Kleven are seasoned operators, with over 25 years' experience in the horticultural industry. In 2013, Pete and Kim sat down with Jane Evans from Evans Doyle, and looked strategically at the business, and where they wanted to be in the future.

Pete says, "These were big decisions we were making, and Jane was with us through the whole process. We were facing a lot of commercial fluctuations in the industry so we wanted to move away from being solely dependent on commercial growing. From Jane's contacts in the agricultural contracting industry, she suggested we look into buying a hedge cutting business."

There was a lot of hard work that went in behind the scenes. Jane says, "I floated ideas about potential options and looked at different scenarios, showing the effect on income. There was a lot of in-depth research to do, to ensure Pete and Kim had the best information for making a good decision."

The purchase of the hedge cutting business was made and, two years on, P & K Kleven Ltd is thriving. The commercial growing part of the business is much smaller now, focusing on only two crops. The hedge cutting operation has seen good solid growth; and other successful activities in the business include seed trials carried out for seed companies.

Pete says, "We're grateful for Jane's financial advice and interest in our business. With her thoroughness and input into the budgets and viability, she helped facilitate the purchase of the hedge cutting business. And now, we have a stability we haven't had before."

Jane says, "The opportunity was there for Pete and Kim to diversify, and it was great to be part of the process. I can remember there were lots of cups of tea while we went through the figures, and it's always still a pleasure heading out to the Kleven's because I know I will get a warm welcome and a great morning tea when I arrive!"