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Coaches Corner With Jane Evans

This week I will be competing at the World Masters Games as a rower in eight events over five days, racing everything from the women's single scull to a mixed eights race with the only boat I'm not competing in being a pair, a boat I'm yet to master.

I'm a relative newcomer to the sport having taken it up three and a half years ago and the benefits of the sport have been enormous in my life. I'm fitter and stronger than I have ever been and in more than just the physical sense.

I will enjoy the regatta regardless of the results and it will be with a sense of pride that I line up alongside my crew mates and compete against the hero's of my youth. Thanks also to you for the support and interest you have shown. There was a very cool vibe at the lake yesterday when we did our last training row with rowers from all over the world already arriving with the various languages and accents evident.

I have shared below four key things I have learnt from the sport – all of which transpose into business and life generally:

Consistency – consistent effort builds up reward like compounding interest, training before daybreak day after day, week after week, month after month, the rewards flow over into all areas of your life and often in unexpected ways.

The power of Team – so vital in a rowing boat and keeps you going when sometimes all you can manage is to show up.

Focus – what you focus on you will feel, which will determine your actions, and therefore your results…

Flow – find what you love and throw everything at it, this gets you into flow or the "zone". It's a powerful place to be. Rowing is a sport of rhythm, focus and power – in rowing these come together as relaxed effort…

And on race day, when all's said and done - it's only 4 minutes of pain!