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Business Continuity Planning

This service may be fully funded by the regional business partners network. If your business qualifies, you can get our COVID-19 specific business support services (up to $2500 per service). 

The funding will not last forever, so let us know that you are interested, and we will connect you with our Growth Advisor so that it is fast-tracked.

To help speed up the process make sure you register with the Regional Business Partners Network – this only takes 5 minutes: Register your business here

What is a business continuity plan?

A business continuity plan (BCP) helps businesses to:
  • understand what is important to continue during disruption
  • identify resources needed to keep key functions and services running
  • prepare to recover as quickly and easily as possible

Business continuity planning sessions can be used to address key issues in your business, then develop a plan, implement, and review the processes. This is specifically tailored to you and your business.

What does a business continuity plan cover?

A business continuity plan is about being ready for anything unusual or unexpected that has the potential to disrupt your business operations.  Disruptions can be internal events such as equipment failure, or external events like COVID-19 or an earthquake. A continuity plan covers any risks or threats that could disrupt your most important business activities.

Why are business continuity plans important?

Many small businesses could struggle to keep going or reopen after a disaster such as the economy coming to a sudden halt. Business continuity planning improves resilience and the likelihood your business will survive. 

There are lots of benefits to business continuity management. It may:
  • reduce the financial impact of the event or disaster
  • make sure staff receive adequate support and communication
  • ensure stakeholder requirements are understood and delivered on
  • help your business fulfil its legal and regulatory obligations
  • identify and protect critical functions and services
  • pinpoint services you depend on, such as third-party suppliers, and identify alternatives

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Contact Tim Doyle or Jane Evans today to discuss your business continuity planning needs on 07 823 4980 or contact us. Our office is in Cambridge, NZ, but distance is no problem. We have many international and national clients.

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